Sunday, October 16, 2011

Future haul pics? Maybe so.

OMG! I don't usually rant about this sort of thing here BUT I am soooo geeked right now!!
The hubby acts un-interested when I was rambling about this awesomeness... and the angel-like 9 year old could not care less!!!! LOL 
SOOO here we are! And here I ... GO!!!
I am in-love with Webster's Pages, specially these lil' stick pins with cameos on top... I had thought about buying these them from an on-line scrapbook store days ago... 1 package of these lil' darlings $5.00 and I thought I'd be happy... then there was the shipping! 
The shipping was about as much as these lovely lil' stick pins I wanted! 
So I put the pins on my wish list and told myself to just wait. 
Then tonight I was online gazing at these beauties and was kinda bummed coz I WANTED THESE SOOOOOOO BAD [I HATE inflated shipping prices tho]! Right?! Then I had a thought.... Ebay!
Why not give it a browse? Well I did!!!! 
I got those suckers for $3.00 and some change!! Bought 3 packages of 'em even! 
Then I browsed further in this store... SO many things I love... and FREE shipping if I spent $50.00! 
Well, when I saw that there was 6 fall colored glimmer mists for $23.00 and some change it was on!!!! 
My hubby was cool with it!!! OMG! I am way too happy atm... =] don't judge me! LOL <3

Monday, September 5, 2011

SO much fun!!

Just had to say that I LOVED the first blog hop I was a part of!!!
Not only  did I meet some new ladies, get some new inspiration,
AND get to see ALL that crafty eye-candy... I GOT NEW FOLLOWERS!!!
Thank ALL of you who have decided to follow me! I am really thankful!
Hope those who were part of the blog hop and also hopping in it had a great ttime
and were as inspired as me!
Anyways just wanted to say thanx... God bless you all, and have a very blest rest
of the week!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hello followers and hoppers! Welcome to the Scrumptious Sweet Blog Hop!!
Hope you all are having a great time and enjoying all the crafty eye-candy along the way!
You were prolly just visiting Celeste over at
Maybe though you are just checking in on me and my tiny lil' space in the blogosphere?
If that's the case and  you love all things sweet, you  MUST go visit Angie at, and hop your way through every sweet stop along the way!! 
LOL Now that's the kind of sweet no girl mind's being her diet! Right? =] 
IF you are hopping along your next crafty treat will be provided by the very talented Gaby over at ,! 
I like to send out B-day blessings and wish Tammy a happy b-day!! Not only is today her special day, she is also participating in this blog hop!  
If you would be so kind send her well wishes as you visit her blog! Thank you. 
Many thanks to the talented and very sweet Yolie of, for hosting and inviting 
me to participate in this blog hop! 
It is my first hop and as my contirbution I decided to create my very first mini!! 
It's a TP mini, I have seen SO many of these, and they are SO cute, I decided to finally give it a go!
I used random papers from my stash and found the CUTEST lil' stickers to use as embellies!!
Before I started this project I was a sticker snob! LOL I would RARELY use 'em, now I realize they
can be such an asset! Tags and pockets and a few other embellies were created using my electronic cutter and Make the Cut software!!
Wish I had another copy of this set of stickers! Anyways... heh the following are pix of said mini!

  Hope you liked my mini and are enjoying this yummy hop!! Have a very blest and safe day... and leave me some love and follow please? heh


Finally finished the altered canvas that not only featured a AWESOME Bible verse... but also featured skulls!
How awesome is that... well REALLY awesome if you happen to love the Bible and skulls. 
Which I DO! heheheh... 
So USUALLY I share pix... right? Not this time tho. 
This canvas is now part of a DT challenge over at!
I love all the talented grrrls over there and they are SO nice. 
I feel blest to be part of that DT and am ALWAYS glad when I make the project deadline on time!! LOL
Anyways here is the linkage to my altered canvas... details are mostly on this link.!!

 The cameo settings were purchased on Etsy at this shop - 

The lovely lady and gent skellington cameos were purchased at this Etsy shop -

Check them out... warning though... Etsy can be ADDICTIVE! LOL
OOOOH! And tomorrow... I will be part of my very first blog hop, and will be posting pix of my very first attempt at a new project! Please hop by and check it out!!! 
Thanx for stopping by and have a very blest weekend!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New project in the works!

Not sure if I have shared this before or not... but here goes! =]
I LOVE skulls! I always have... some think it strange or creepy maybe...
Really tho? We all have one underneath our skin! Why be soooo creeped out by 'em?!
I have one that I sport in my living room... got him years ago!  We call him Mister Skullington!
We recently found him a woman lol she is Ms. Skullington of course! =P She is blinged-out too!
Got her at Michaels and WE LOVE her! Anyways... just thought I'd share a lil' random info about me
and a few pix! One of my darling skulls! The other a few sneak-peeks of my latest labor of love! heheh
Anyways crafty-love and God bless you! <3

Friday, July 15, 2011


Just noticed I have some new followers! <3 Thanx SO much for following me, planning some new projects and will be posting them soon! All of my darling followers have a safe and very blest weekend!
<3... Desiree'

Monday, July 4, 2011

First Blog Hop!

I have been curious about being part of a blog hop for a while now... due to me being shy, and at times socially awkward, I feel I am kind of failing on the blog front! =] I love visiting 'em, tho I often forget to leave comments! And  my blog... well I love it but, often am at a loss! SO in-spite of  my shyness or any other thing that might hinder me... I expressed interest in being included in a blog hop! It didn't take long before the sweet Yolanda invited me to be part of one in September! <3 I'm SOOO excited! Thank you Yolanda! As details emerge I will be ranting about it... I CAN'T WAIT! God bless and Happy 4th of July! <3

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SVG Cuts Give-a-way!

The AWESOME folks over at are hosting another give-a-way! 
They really are awesome people, not just saying that either! They have MANY
free SVG files on their blog and they are beautifully designed!
Anyways the latest give-a-way is AMAZING, it is for a black cat Lynx!!
From my understanding it blows most all other die cutting machines out of the water...
and IS SCUT AND MTC FRIENDLY! Please go to this link, enter, and GOOD LUCK!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Paper Clip Bookmarks for Pack 134!

My youngest son Brooklyn has been in Cub Scouts for a while now... he even went to meeting before he was old enough to be one! He use to go all the time with his older brother Ty to his meetings. <3

I love my boiz!!! Anyways... I decided to make his lil' pack Some bookmarks... They are entering weblos and are officially BEAR scouts! SO with my MTC software and cutting machine here is what I was able to do!! I am hoping the boiz will love 'em! Thank for looking and God bless!
                                                                   <3 - Desiree'

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Scrapbooking OFF of the page.

Well this blog entry is about altered canvas number 4, titled : *Thank Heaven for Little Girls*...
I cannot really put into words just how MUCH I love altering a canvas! It is by far my fave
altered type of project. I think the thing I most enjoy about the over-all project is I don't
have to worry IF it's going to be too bulky! I actually preferr them to be very dimensional!
The more dimension the better! I don't have to worry about flowers being crush or how to
store them coz, I know they will be hanging on a wall! And added bonus? They will be 
 looked at everyday! =] Altering a canvas makes me feel all artsy too, and I enjoy the
painting that I do too! I've actually gotten WAY better at blending colors... I just LOVE
doing this type of project! End of story! <3 So, with that said here are the pics!

Flowers that were used in this project were all by recollections, love pennant and tiny glass vial [message in a bottle] are by Making Memories, random ribbons, string of beads, vellum and pink cardstock were just in my stash! The patterned paper used here is by DCWV and it is from their *Vintage Collage* stack [love these papers]!! I used Make the Cut and my electronic cutting machine to make the title label, pocket where the photo will be inserted, and bracket for behind the picture! IT IS AN AMAZING program!
Anyways I appreciate you coming by and hope you enjoy!
God's blessings!                        <3 ... Desiree'

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Craft fair...

SO yesterday was the very first time I have ever gotten myself involved in a craft fair...
I sold next to NOTHING! We were in an odd spot and didn't get nearly the traffic that ALOT of others did.
Oh well, coz what traffic I did get, I was shown lots of love. Even if they didn't buy anything.
To me that's a blessing all on it's own! =] There was one sweet woman who owns and runs a local christian
business, a gift shop, and she went out of her way to extend and offer to me... to sell my stuff through her store on consignment! That got me pretty geeked. =] SO even though ALL my stuff didn't sell, I still think it was a positive experience! I thank God for blessing me the experience and all the other gifts He's given me. <3 
God bless you all!                     <3... Desiree'

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Have you ever...

I was wondering have any of you ever made something, and crushed on it? =]
Ya know? Like you make something and LOVE it?
Coz I kind of have a crush on my latest altered canvas! When I bought this DCWV
*Vintage* paper pack last year on clearance it was love 1st first sight! Seriously.
The paper I used in my latest altered canvas was one of my faves from that stack!
I also used some papers from K and Company's *Life's Journey* stack and some vellum
and other random cardstocks... Anyways here are a few pics!

I embelished with some cuts from my cricut... a couple of ribbon roses I made, and
some recollection's blingage from Michaels. The featured pic is one of the hubby and I a few
years ago, and is being displayed just for show here. I hope this finds a happy home this
weekend at the craft fair thingy! Though... part of me will be sad to see it go! <3
God's blessings!                                <3 - Desiree'

Friday, April 22, 2011

My altered box.

Well, it has been INSANE in my lil' world lately! There is a local festival going on and I'm going to try and sell some of my things there. Being a bit socially challenged this is a big thing for me!
I'm really quite geeked about it though!
One of the things I am planning on selling is my altered box...
After I was done with this it dawned on me that I REALLY need to start taking before-during-and-after pics when I do a project like this! I posted this to facebook and got some positive comments! Loved them all.
I'm pleased with how it turned out! My youngest... everytime he looks at it always says it looks old, =] in kind of a shocked voice. Which pleases me more coz I was going for a *vintage* or *antique* look.
I have so much more I want to do this week, anyone reading this send up prayer for me please! That I will get everything beautifully done and that it will be a success! God bless!         <3 - Desiree'

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I used a sketch!

I joined over a year or so ago and LOVE seeing all the wonderful layouts and things other members make! It's a wonderful site to go to be inspired by or just browse when I'm bored, and there are so many amazing people over there!
I was browsing the other day and cam across some wonderful sketches... sketches so beautiful I HAD to use 'em! They were created by a user named Beggahuna, and she is awesome! Anyways...
This post is to share the layout that her sketch inspired! I made quite a few of the embellies myself [the more I learn to make the more I love it!] I'm pleased with how it came out. This is for Jessica's memorial scrapbook that  I am creating for her momma. Only 5 more pages to go!! =] YAY! Many blessings and much scrappy-love to all my followers! <3 Thanx for looking and following!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Not just lucky...

Happy Friday all my lovely followers, and anyone else who might stumble across this humble lil' blog
of mine. =] I know I've been M.I.A. and am hoping to be more active here. I do so enjoy ranting! LOL
Anyways I just wanted to post a recent layout... and share the details.
I was invited to a challenge, it was to have a St. Patty's Day flavor... requirements were: the color green, textured paper, glitter and stamping. This is what I came up with. <3

The pic featured is my beautiful son Ty and the journaling speaks of how I'm blest not just lucky... coz God has blest me with him and his brothers. =]
Thanx for looking and leave me some love please! Have a blest weekend! <3

Friday, January 28, 2011

Altered picture frame.

I had gotten a picture frame a while back, and had not a clue what I would do with it.
Until a couple of days ago! =] I decided to alter it and give it to one of my dear aunts.
Nearly two years ago she lost her husband and I lost a special uncle.
She had told me at the funeral how he was the love of her life...
It was a very easy project to do, the paper did most of the work! I used some paper from
DCWV's Ciao Bella stack. I LOVE that stack! <3 I Mod Podged over and under the paper.
Added some embellies and TA-DA! =] I really think it turned out great!
When I gave it to her she cried. Awwwwe. It makes my heart smile SO big when someone
LOVES something I have made! It makes me feel humble and blest!
I want to thank ALL of my awesome followers! I know not much goes on here, and it means
alot that you all have cared enough not only to read my rantings and look at my pix, but that you
cared enough to follow! <3 Much love and many blessings to you all!
Now for a couple of pix! <3

Monday, January 3, 2011


The first I have made out of a material that wasn't paper! =]
One is made out of ribbon the other tulle! <3 They were super
easy! I think they turned out cute!