Future haul pics? Maybe so.

OMG! I don't usually rant about this sort of thing here BUT I am soooo geeked right now!!
The hubby acts un-interested when I was rambling about this awesomeness... and the angel-like 9 year old could not care less!!!! LOL 
SOOO here we are! And here I ... GO!!!
I am in-love with Webster's Pages, specially these lil' stick pins with cameos on top... I had thought about buying these them from an on-line scrapbook store days ago... 1 package of these lil' darlings $5.00 and I thought I'd be happy... then there was the shipping! 
The shipping was about as much as these lovely lil' stick pins I wanted! 
So I put the pins on my wish list and told myself to just wait. 
Then tonight I was online gazing at these beauties and was kinda bummed coz I WANTED THESE SOOOOOOO BAD [I HATE inflated shipping prices tho]! Right?! Then I had a thought.... Ebay!
Why not give it a browse? Well I did!!!! 
I got those suckers for $3.00 and some change!! Bought 3 packages of 'em even! 
Then I browsed further in this store... SO many things I love... and FREE shipping if I spent $50.00! 
Well, when I saw that there was 6 fall colored glimmer mists for $23.00 and some change it was on!!!! 
My hubby was cool with it!!! OMG! I am way too happy atm... =] don't judge me! LOL <3


  1. Gotta love ebay!!! Congrats on the good finds:) Can you get your hubby to talk to my hubby. lol


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