Craft fair...

SO yesterday was the very first time I have ever gotten myself involved in a craft fair...
I sold next to NOTHING! We were in an odd spot and didn't get nearly the traffic that ALOT of others did.
Oh well, coz what traffic I did get, I was shown lots of love. Even if they didn't buy anything.
To me that's a blessing all on it's own! =] There was one sweet woman who owns and runs a local christian
business, a gift shop, and she went out of her way to extend and offer to me... to sell my stuff through her store on consignment! That got me pretty geeked. =] SO even though ALL my stuff didn't sell, I still think it was a positive experience! I thank God for blessing me the experience and all the other gifts He's given me. <3 
God bless you all!                     <3... Desiree'


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