New project in the works!

Not sure if I have shared this before or not... but here goes! =]
I LOVE skulls! I always have... some think it strange or creepy maybe...
Really tho? We all have one underneath our skin! Why be soooo creeped out by 'em?!
I have one that I sport in my living room... got him years ago!  We call him Mister Skullington!
We recently found him a woman lol she is Ms. Skullington of course! =P She is blinged-out too!
Got her at Michaels and WE LOVE her! Anyways... just thought I'd share a lil' random info about me
and a few pix! One of my darling skulls! The other a few sneak-peeks of my latest labor of love! heheh
Anyways crafty-love and God bless you! <3


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