Monday, September 5, 2011

SO much fun!!

Just had to say that I LOVED the first blog hop I was a part of!!!
Not only  did I meet some new ladies, get some new inspiration,
AND get to see ALL that crafty eye-candy... I GOT NEW FOLLOWERS!!!
Thank ALL of you who have decided to follow me! I am really thankful!
Hope those who were part of the blog hop and also hopping in it had a great ttime
and were as inspired as me!
Anyways just wanted to say thanx... God bless you all, and have a very blest rest
of the week!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hello followers and hoppers! Welcome to the Scrumptious Sweet Blog Hop!!
Hope you all are having a great time and enjoying all the crafty eye-candy along the way!
You were prolly just visiting Celeste over at
Maybe though you are just checking in on me and my tiny lil' space in the blogosphere?
If that's the case and  you love all things sweet, you  MUST go visit Angie at, and hop your way through every sweet stop along the way!! 
LOL Now that's the kind of sweet no girl mind's being her diet! Right? =] 
IF you are hopping along your next crafty treat will be provided by the very talented Gaby over at ,! 
I like to send out B-day blessings and wish Tammy a happy b-day!! Not only is today her special day, she is also participating in this blog hop!  
If you would be so kind send her well wishes as you visit her blog! Thank you. 
Many thanks to the talented and very sweet Yolie of, for hosting and inviting 
me to participate in this blog hop! 
It is my first hop and as my contirbution I decided to create my very first mini!! 
It's a TP mini, I have seen SO many of these, and they are SO cute, I decided to finally give it a go!
I used random papers from my stash and found the CUTEST lil' stickers to use as embellies!!
Before I started this project I was a sticker snob! LOL I would RARELY use 'em, now I realize they
can be such an asset! Tags and pockets and a few other embellies were created using my electronic cutter and Make the Cut software!!
Wish I had another copy of this set of stickers! Anyways... heh the following are pix of said mini!

  Hope you liked my mini and are enjoying this yummy hop!! Have a very blest and safe day... and leave me some love and follow please? heh


Finally finished the altered canvas that not only featured a AWESOME Bible verse... but also featured skulls!
How awesome is that... well REALLY awesome if you happen to love the Bible and skulls. 
Which I DO! heheheh... 
So USUALLY I share pix... right? Not this time tho. 
This canvas is now part of a DT challenge over at!
I love all the talented grrrls over there and they are SO nice. 
I feel blest to be part of that DT and am ALWAYS glad when I make the project deadline on time!! LOL
Anyways here is the linkage to my altered canvas... details are mostly on this link.!!

 The cameo settings were purchased on Etsy at this shop - 

The lovely lady and gent skellington cameos were purchased at this Etsy shop -

Check them out... warning though... Etsy can be ADDICTIVE! LOL
OOOOH! And tomorrow... I will be part of my very first blog hop, and will be posting pix of my very first attempt at a new project! Please hop by and check it out!!! 
Thanx for stopping by and have a very blest weekend!!!