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Crafty Hustle

SOOOO in the next few months I will be participatingin a local
event and trying to get my *hustle* on.
Not gonna lie I am socially awkward as heck, and am very challenged
when it comes to pricing my work!
Here is my thought process, 1st. if someone shows genuine interest in
something I have made If feel so blessed! Seriously. How awesome is that?!
Someone wants something I made to display in their home, or gift to
someone they care about!! It makes my heart smile, in a big way!
My 2nd step in the thought process is, OMG... price!
I do not want to under-price an item BUT I do not want to over-charge either!
I fear that if an item is priced to high I would come across as being arrogant!
Staying humble is important to me. I would rather lose a few pennies
than come across cocky.
SO in the coming weeks expect more creations being posted.
When the time has com, you know I will be ranting and updating the craft
selling event! <3
With all of that being said here is a throw-back project sh…

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