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Scentsy Skull

So I bought my first anything Scentsy, a crafty friend was
having a sale and I had to buy!  I happen to love skulls.
SO this warmer is skull themed and designed to be colored
on with sharpies! Cool right?
So if I get bored or whatever I can just re-do it!
I decided the perfect tool besides my sharpies for this project,
would be my eBrush, by Craftwell! I was correct, no doubt!
I went simple/artsy/creepy for the first design!
I used my eBrush to black out the eyes, nose, mouth, and
shaded a few other spots.
I then cut out a teeth stencil that I designed on my Cricut
Explore 2.
Using rubbing alcohol and a paper towel, I put the stencil over
the mouth and cleared out some teeth.
Then to get the artsy/creepy effect I used a spray bottle and some
more rubbing alcohol to cause the running effect.
I will let this dry completely before turning on the wax melting
element because alcohol and any heat source is not a safe mix!
SAFETY FIRST! Once dried everything is all good and safe.
Hope you al…

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