The first I have made out of a material that wasn't paper! =]
One is made out of ribbon the other tulle! <3 They were super
easy! I think they turned out cute!


  1. I love your creations. I am so glad you posted your blog in reply to Katie. I wish I'd known you had a blog before. I started following it today.
    Now go on and add your blog to the Networked blogs on facebook, that's if you have not already.
    Looking forward to new post on here.
    Hugs, Vera

  2. Awwwe! <3 Thank you SO much for following me! Thanx for the kind words too! It means alot! I know I need to do more here... but honestly it sometimes overwhelms me, coz I'm new to it. =] Thanx for letting me know about the networked blogs! You rock! <3


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