Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pix of the flowers I'm gunna swap!

Well here is what they look like! =] I only have 3 more to make and ALL done! <3
These use to take me SO much longer to make. They are much like the Tim Holtz distressed roses...
BUT they are not nearly as bulky in height.
I keep trying to make them smaller in height... I think this is about as small in height as I'm ever
gunna get 'em. Around 1/2 and inch. They are sturdy enough to handle put in a scrapbook too!
=] Please leave me some comments let me know what you think! *crafty love*

                                                                                                   <3 -  Desiree'

My very first swap!

Okay, so over @ I was looking around in the forum and came across challenges and swaps!
Awesome! I've been wanting to do a swap for a while now BUT am shy, even on the internet! LOL
SOMETIMES! =] Anyways... I noticed that there was a handmade flower swap, and I've been doing roses
for a while now... love 'em. Well there was only one spot left and I got it! YAY!
There are 11 people participating in this swap, each will make 11 roses... keeping one for themselves and  then send the others to the hostess of the swap!
I am ALMOST done with mine, I'll be posting a pic or two as soon as they are finished. =]
Hope this goes well, I'm kind of nervous. I think though for a first swap it should be easy-peasy! <3
Guess that's it for now... back to my flower making!
God bless ur lil' crafty hearts my followers... <3 I think you both rock! <3