First Blog Hop!

I have been curious about being part of a blog hop for a while now... due to me being shy, and at times socially awkward, I feel I am kind of failing on the blog front! =] I love visiting 'em, tho I often forget to leave comments! And  my blog... well I love it but, often am at a loss! SO in-spite of  my shyness or any other thing that might hinder me... I expressed interest in being included in a blog hop! It didn't take long before the sweet Yolanda invited me to be part of one in September! <3 I'm SOOO excited! Thank you Yolanda! As details emerge I will be ranting about it... I CAN'T WAIT! God bless and Happy 4th of July! <3


  1. You will do just fine in the hop! Before you know it you'll be a pro!

  2. Thank you Yolie!I am very excited! How does the blog candy thing work? I am considering making my candy some of my hand made flowers. <3 Would that be cool?


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