Thursday, February 27, 2014

SOOOO today IS the day! The day I thought not so long ago would NEVER come! The day I get the brand-new Cricut Explore!!!? Not sure if I ranted here or not before but a few years back my anger and hatred ran HOT for all things Provo Craft!!! Why? Mainly because they sued the makers of some of the most amazing software EVER - Make the Cut. That software is all I used on my Cricut for YEARS! I used that software SOOO MUCH that I honestly didn't know how to use a cartridge with the Cricut! LOL I didn't update my drivers for my Cricut machines OR my Make the Cut software UNTIL Jan. of this year, when my amazing hubby surprised me with a Cameo!! I love it!! It cuts amazingly AND it can be used with Make he Cut!!! <3  Fast forward a few weeks. I found myself feeling shocked and intrigued to be hearing that Cricut had the NERVE to make another machine. I kind of became obsessed, which annoyed my hubby a lil'. = / The more I heard. The more I saw. The more  I liked... the more I WANTED this machine!! I got a good feeling about this new machine! SOOOO I continued to stalk! When it was nearing  HSN WORLD launch  time @ midnight Feb. 12th... I was ready to pounce! Three hours before it aired I ordered mine.... and have been waiting now more than 2 weeks! GRRRR! SOOOO better be worth it! I think it will be. G33k3d!!!! I will be back to share my thoughts... Hope all of you have a blest Thursday! <3

Monday, February 3, 2014


It has been FOREVER since I last posted... OH THE SHAME OF IT ALL!! I think I am blog-challenged!
Anyways... Guess in the coming days... and weeks I shall shake the dust of around here by posting.
Maybe I'll post a project? Maybe I'll rant about my life? IDK. All I know is I am going to try and keep it active. Considering doing some Youtube videos as well, seriously tho, mama is socially challenged! LOL
God bless and <3's I am out for now!