Today's I am sharing a project!
I have loved The Wizard of Oz since
 I was little! Not long after I got into
paper crafting [2005 was when I stared]
 I saw this paper stack at Michaels.
It was gorgeous!
It had glitter, and was Wizard of Oz
themed. SO I bought it... and never used it,
until this year! I used quite a bit from my stash!
A little magic wand, some Webster Pages trims,
that I love, a spray of paper flowers that I got from
Michaels FOREVER ago, and this paper!
Featuring Glinda the good witch!
This is the first of a series of these types of hoops,
using this paper stack.
I was not in-love with it at first, and had no idea
of what this and that I was going to use, but once
things starting coming together I was very pleased!
I always thank God for everything good in my life,
I never plan out my projects, so I know He helps me!
If not for Him I would be no good, do no good, or make
pretty things. That is how I see it anyways!
I hope whoever views this loves it and is inspired!
Much love!!              
                                                 - Dezz


  1. Desiree this is a lovely idea. It turned out nice. Good workmanship. Good use of items you already have.
    I appreciate your honesty and sharing about God's blessing in your crafting. I am the same. I know that the gift comes from God. When the project turn out and the ideas are flowing, I know it's God inspiring and blessing me.
    (sorry this is is so late, i thought that i did comment.)

    1. Awwwe! Sorry I am so late in responding! That means SO much! Thank you for your thoughtful comment! <3
      I try to stay humble. I believe NOTHING good is possible without God Almighty! So I often thank Him for every good thing in my life, my loved one's lives and in the world! From the smallest need that He meets, to the highest blessing, Jesus! Whatever gifts or talents He has given me is in there somewhere! So are blessings like you friend! Much love in Christ!


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