Crafty Hustle

SOOOO in the next few months I will be participatingin a local
event and trying to get my *hustle* on.
Not gonna lie I am socially awkward as heck, and am very challenged
when it comes to pricing my work!
Here is my thought process, 1st. if someone shows genuine interest in
something I have made If feel so blessed! Seriously. How awesome is that?!
Someone wants something I made to display in their home, or gift to
someone they care about!! It makes my heart smile, in a big way!
My 2nd step in the thought process is, OMG... price!
I do not want to under-price an item BUT I do not want to over-charge either!
I fear that if an item is priced to high I would come across as being arrogant!
Staying humble is important to me. I would rather lose a few pennies
than come across cocky.
SO in the coming weeks expect more creations being posted.
When the time has com, you know I will be ranting and updating the craft
selling event! <3
With all of that being said here is a throw-back project share!
It's an actual scrapbook layout! Two pages even! This was from a show, and ICP
one to be exact! It was a great night! It was my first show and my lil' man's too!
LOVE this memory and am glad to have these pics, and pages to cherish these
moment all the more!
Hope you all enjoy, and maybe even are inspired! Much love!

                                                                   <3 - Dezz


  1. Good deal. Desiree I'm proud of you. Way to step out there. There are "crafting calculators" that help you estimate how much you should charge. Google it. But I like to look around on Etsy for similar Works to get my pricing ideas. Have fun and look forward to looking at your creations.

    1. Thanx you so much! You are awesome! I will look into that! <3


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