More human than human...

I have decided that I am sick of many, many, things in my life. One of the top 4 is disrespect directed towards me. In any form.
I knew a long time ago that people only do to you what you allow them to do!
Somehow, somewhere along this journey of my life I lost sight of that?
I have heard things I never would have dreamed,  I would have heard said to me.
I have had things done to me I would have swore 14 years ago... would never have been done to me!
I also myself have said and done things that I am very ashamed of!!
Maybe I justified doing and sayings those thing because it was in retaliation?
There is REALLY no justifying things like that on either end of the situation tho.
Humans make me sad, I feel so very human today. Perfectly imperfect and broken.
If you are reading this say a prayer for me. <3


  1. sometimes des you gotta just let go. let yourself be happy! every single day is a blessing. sometimes that is hard to see but it is better to try now than to realize years down the road that you could have, and should have, done something differently.

  2. <3 You are SO right! God bless you hun!


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