SO I'm a N00B! =]

Yes... a noob to blogging! I have been scrapbooking since 2006 and I'm in-love with creating things out of paper.
Mostly scrapbooking BUT geez, the more I learn, the more I want to do!
I LOVE paper! My hubby says I'm a paper hoarder... lol! Silly boi!
I use to spend any extra money I had on make-up and OBSESS over M.A.C.
[makers of the best make-up EVER]!
I now I find myself spending all my mad money on crafting tools and such, and obsessing over what D.C.W.V. paper pack I'm going to get next [best paper packs EVER]! <3
This is my first attempt at blogging, and this is my first post... it is a work in progress and hopefully, it will turn out to be something beautiful. <3


  1. well I like the black black gRouNd aNd the color of your letteriNg. I reMeMber about 2 moNths ago or so it was 1 am aNd couldN't sleep so I staRtiNg pokiNg aRouNd aNd totally screwed up my main blog. After stayiNg up all night aNd loosiNg sleep aNd 4hrs later I managed to fix my blog aNd it eNded up giving me a diffeReNt look that I least expected in a good way. Frustrated but hey at least I taught myself soMetHiNg on my own that involved computer stuff ~lol
    The Roses you made were a major hit! Did you see the Alice iN WoNdeRlaNd page they eNded up on? The page sold within a few hours of postiNg aNd waNt to pay you for your awesome taleNt for makiNg those for me. I posted on my FB wall a few msgs down a close up of your flower aNd featuRed it as well as showiNg it on the craft blog.
    Let me know how I can help on the blogging paRt aNd will be seNdiNg you a "tHaNk you" caRd w/payMeNt for your beautiful woRk. Tell your hubby that I say your woRk aNd makiNg these flowers aRe super cool aNd waNt to place aNotHeR order. ~kAtiE

  2. Awwwe! I just got this Katie! Thanx oh so muchly! You rock so much! I'm about done with ur order of roses! <3 I'll be moving and SO had to put a rush on that! Your kind words and positive energy mean alot to me!
    God bless you friend!


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