Pink Tribute for Jess.

Our family lost a precious and very beautiful member this year, her name is Jessica, I really wish I had known her better, and she had gotten to know me better too.
It's been a few months since she went to heaven and I still do not *get it*, it still does not seem real. Though I know to the people closest to her, it is all too real, and must be like waking up to a nightmare daily.
My heart goes out to each of them, specially her mommy, Tina.
She has an amazing soul and heart to match.
SO blest to not only have her in my family but even more so to have her as my friend! She is PRECIOUS!
I have a love for all things pink, SPECIALLY, *baby pink*!
Having all boiz makes doing pink in layouts a REAL challenge!
I had always wanted to do a layout in kind of a monochromatic-pink. Different shades of my fave color.
Originally, I thought that I would be the star of such a layout, until I saw this BEAUTIFUL picture of Jessica!
You see, Tina, Jessica, and I ALL love pink! <3
My heart told me *this is THE pic*, for the pink layout.I love the way it turned out.
I placed it in a 8x10 shadow box frame and gave it to my precious cousin!
SHE LOVED IT! Then one day... she called me upset, it had gotten knocked of the wall.
Bless her heart... she was crying. =[ A few days ago my hubby stopped by to see her and she gave him the frame and layout... Damage was not so bad... a few blings had fallen off.
I had planned on using these lil pink roses I had made on the layout originally, and forgot to add 'em.
SO I went ahead and used them this time around! I hope she loves this, coz I love her! <3


  1. This is so beautiful I am sorry for your loss. Welcome to the blogging world I just followed you and I just realized we are also friends on You are invited to come check out my blog at

    it's a whole other world of scrapbookers LOL! If you become a follower you can look at my profile and look at the blogs that I follow and you can add some of them too. I do a lot of challenges and I am also a designer for a new blog called
    Good luck and I hope you are able to figure out this blog stuff, it's confusing huh??

  2. I'm such a noobster! JUST noticed I had a coment! Thanx bunches btw! =] I am following you too now... and am on my way to leave you a comment or two! I hope I figure it out too!
    YES IT IS! LOL Thanx for the links... asside from the roses I'm a bit bored. <3 will check them out A.S.A.P! Take care hun and don't be a stranger!


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