I was on Pinterest, looking at my boards, oohing over my pins!
I kind of ADORE Pinterest! Anyways, I came across a board
where I share my creations.
I realized quickly, too few of the things I have made were on that
board! Sad to say even fewer were shared here!!
So I decided to share one of my most fave creations!
My Jack and Sally wall hangings! <3
I LOVE Disney, and even if it were not Disney, I would still
LOVE The Nightmare Before Christmas!
Tim Burton is an Epic human and I adore almost everything he makes!
Another plus? My dad, rest his soul, also LOVED The Nightmare Before
Christmas, we had that and so much more in common.
I miss him SO very much!
So on with the post....
Here is that project, two coffin shaped wall hangings and a coffin shaped
chalk / message board. Each of these were bought on clearance at the end
of the Halloween season. Yes, I do shop for home decor during Halloween.
I AM THAT GIRL! Muhahahah! <3

I hope all who view enjoy what they see, and maybe even feel inspired.

                        Stay blest-
                                       <3 Dezz


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