The Stash Struggle Is Real

So I was. Craving some creativity. Wanted kind of a challenge.
Then I decided to go looking through my stash.
I started crafting seriously back in 2005, when my amazing mom
gave me a scrapbook kit for my b-day.
Then I could not have hoped to imagine to have the stash I have today.
I feel so blessed, and over stimulated at the same time! LOL
As I was saying... so wanting a challenge I looked in my stash and
came across a kit? A 7 gypsies kit, to be exact. The colors are a challenge.
The paper is a challenge! And now I am trying to think up what I can do
with this. It seems like a mini book kit? A diy journal kit MAYBE?!
All I can find in way of a name for the kit is "Grid It"...
Challenge accepted?! I will be posting a follow up to this rant just as soon as
I get started on doing something with this kit.
Hope everyone is busy being blest!


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