Pink Madness.

So I have been M.I.A. from this blog.
I have missed it! Life was super-crazy in 2016!
I rarely if ever crafted it was emotional, it was ugly!
So here it is 2017 and not only have I been crafting,
I am making my first post here!
I have pics. Creating, posting, sharing pix! <3
17 is one of my fave numbers!

So here we go... I am sharing what I called pink madness,
I called it pink madness because it was nearly driving me crazy!
Also I am a bit cra over the color pink!
I wanted to bring my layering game way up, and wanted this to look
a little shabby. I started with a basic plaque I found at the Goodwill.
I wish I had taken a before pic!
Anyways... here is when I was already into the project BUT not too
deep in and thought to get a pic!

I was totally loving this... BUT then I made some changes...

At that point I thought I LOVED it... BUT it was missing a title... maybe a quote?
Then this was the FINAL result!

So with this I was super happy. I never have too much of an idea what I will end up with,
this had ben through a few changes. I honestly love how it ended up looking in the end.
Thank you to those who take a peek at what I am doing! Hope this inspired you, and made
your eyes smile! Have a very blessed weekend!   Love - Dezz


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