Today I was browsing as I often do! LOL Adding this pretty thing and that pretty thing to my *Crafty Wish List* on my Pinterest!
Then it occurred to me that I needed to share this awesomeness on my blog!
Of what *awesomeness* do I speak? Well of this AWESOMENESS : miriams crafting blog ,it is owned and operated by a lovely woman named Miriam. Shipping is dreamy and she is SOOO kind! <3
Her items and prices are a blessing!
Seriously. SOOO if you happen to read this, and are in need of amazing bauble and bits for you crafting needs, check her store out!
Add her store on Facebook too!
She is always usally do amazing pre-orders, having amazing deals, OR letting you know what she has on hand at her local store! JS!
Hope you all have a super blessed and crafty week! <3  - Dezz


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