Pix of the flowers I'm gunna swap!

Well here is what they look like! =] I only have 3 more to make and ALL done! <3
These use to take me SO much longer to make. They are much like the Tim Holtz distressed roses...
BUT they are not nearly as bulky in height.
I keep trying to make them smaller in height... I think this is about as small in height as I'm ever
gunna get 'em. Around 1/2 and inch. They are sturdy enough to handle put in a scrapbook too!
=] Please leave me some comments let me know what you think! *crafty love*

                                                                                                   <3 -  Desiree'


  1. I caN't wait to be able to order soMe moRe fRoM you. Love your flowers, kAtiE fRoM poeticgarden.com


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